Sacroiliac Arthritis (SIA) and Stem Cells

Sacroiliac arthritis (SIA) is a debilitating and painful condition that can often lead to the need for joint replacement surgery. There is currently no cure for SIA, and treatments are typically focused on symptom management. However, there is emerging evidence that mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) may offer a potential treatment option for SIA sufferers. MSCs are a type of adult stem cell that can be found in various tissues throughout the body, including the bone marrow. MSCs have the ability to differentiate into a number of different cell types, including bone, cartilage, and muscle cells. This makes them a promising treatment option for SIA, as they have the potential to replace the damaged cartilage in the sacroiliac joint. There is still much unknown about MSCs, and further research is needed in order to determine their true potential as a treatment for SIA. However, the available evidence is promising, and MSCs may offer a much-needed treatment option for those suffering from this painful and debilitating condition.

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The information below is the recommended stem cell therapy protocol for this condition 

Route of AdministrationDoseTime (Days)Total Cells
Myers cocktail/NAD50,000,0001N/A
Intra-articular/per side50,000,000150,000,000